The Reconnect Community and Reconnect Manager apps connect drug, specialty, and probation programs to their participants from anywhere.

Nine features were added to these apps in 2020. The full product includes biometric check-ins, event reminders, drug testing alerts, messaging, video chat, self-report forms, self pay, and 24/7 location monitoring.

Reconnect was selected as a finalist in Fast Company's World Changing Ideas in 2020.

Note: This work falls under an NDA and details are intentionally vague.

The Reconnect Manager app.

The home screen of the Reconnect Community app.

The Reconnect Community app.

The home screen of the Reconnect Community app.

A woman messaging in the Reconnect Community app.

Messaging on the Reconnect mobile app.

Goals + Approach

Our main goal was to improve participant success—meaning fewer FTAs (failures to appear), better communication between participants and case managers, and fewer technical violations.

A daily to-do list was implemented to let participants know exactly what they need to do and when they need to to do it in order to be successful within their program.

The screens of the Reconnect Manager app

The screens of the Reconnect Manager desktop app.

Team + Role

As Head of Design, I headed up this redesign, with one product designer working on it as well. I handled all aspects of the desktop app and lent direction and guidance on the mobile app.

I worked closely with the engineering team to understand technical constraints. Our teams had multiple feedback and review sessions to ensure that designs were implemented as intended.

In addition to the apps, I led the creation of a complete design system for the desktop and mobile products.

The design system library (in Sketch) for Reconnect Community.

Ratings + Review

3.5 out of 5

110 Ratings

Note: Reconnect Community is typically a court-mandated app.

January 21, 2019
This app is a lot better than when we first started using it. Thanks for the great updates.